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Built in HTML5. 100% Flash-Free.

clickbooq websites are built with standards-compliant HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. And in today’s Mobile-centric world, Flash is a dirty word. That’s why all clickbooq websites are built without any dependency on Flash technology or plugins – so your website will display beautifully on any device or browser built today...or tomorrow.

Responsive Design

Your clickbooq wesbite will automatically reformat itself to display optimally at any browser size. On width-challenged devices such as tablets and smartphones, your website is transformed into a compact, touch-friendly experience.


Your clickbooq website automatically adapts to look great on any mobile device. Your entire website content remains accessible, just in a mobile-friendly format, complete with the branding and colors of your desktop site.

Custom Domain Name

Use your own custom domain (i.e. name with your clickbooq website for a more professional appearance. Available on Lite and Pro plans only.

Professionally-Designed Templates

Choose from a selection of professionally-designed templates to build your website quickly. Then, customize your design in real-time, with our revolutionary Design Editor.

Google Analytics Support

Google Anayltics is a free Web analytics service that provides statistics and analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

Integrated Blog

Engage your audience with an easy-to-use, integrated blog that matches your website seamlessly.

Free SSL Certificate

All Lite and Pro plans now include secure SSL certificates for fast and encrypted connections over https://

Social Media Links

Connect your visitors with your favorite social networks. Choose from several icon styles and customize the colors to match your site design.

External Links

Create Links to any external Web page directly from your site’s Navigation Menu.

Interchangeable Gallery Styles

All clickbooq templates can be switched to use any Gallery style (Grid, Slideshow, or Scrolling). You can even specify different Gallery styles for different Galleries. For example, using a full-screen slideshow for your Homepage, and a Grid view for your other Galleries.

Multiple Image Transition

Choose between Cross fades, wipes, or Horizontal and Vertical scrollers to move your visitors from image to image within your Gallery.

SEO-Friendly URLs

clickbooq automatically creates URLs based on your page and gallery names, making it easy for search engines (and humans!) to understand the underlying content and refer traffic due to keywords contained in the URL.

YouTube and Vimeo Video support

Embed any video from YouTube or Vimeo, either directly onto a Page or within Galleries as well.

Custom Favicon

Customize that little icon that appears in the address bar of your browser. You know you’ve always wanted one of your own!

Custom Facebook Share Image

clickbooq automatically uses the first image of your galleries when posting to Facebook. Or, you can designate a custom image for use across your entire site instead.

Private Pages and Galleries

Easily create Pages or Galleries for clients that are hidden from public view. You can even add password-protection for extra security.

Image Captions

clickbooq automatically imports image meta data (Title, Captions, and Keywords) during the upload process. You can also add or edit this information for each image directly. Visitors can then access this information as they view your Galleries. Additionally, Keyword data is used behind the scenes to boost your SEO content.

Gallery click-to-advance

Easily navigate through Galleries by clicking on the image directly, or with your keyboard’s Arrow keys.

Custom CSS

Directly edit your website’s CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to create out-of-template tweaks to truly customize and control how your website looks. For advanced users only, and only with the Lite and Pro plan.

Management and Workflow

Batch image resizing and uploads

clickbooq automatically resizes your images during the upload process. You can upload multiple images at once to save you time.

QuickStart Page Layouts

Select from pre-designed Page templates to create commonly-used layouts, like an About page or a Contact page with message form.

Advanced Page Editor

Have fun adding Page content to your website with drag-and-drop text blocks and our familiar text editor. Embed images, a gallery, forms, and more. Then, rearrange and edit your Page anytime.

Manage Multiple Sites

Create multiple sites to keep your different businesses and disciplines separate. Quickly switch between multiple website accounts so you can manage each one individually.

Rearrange Your Website Menu

Simply click-and-drag your menu items to reorder them. Easily nest Pages and Galleries into Folders for optimal organization.

Linked Image Grids

Perfect for large portfolios, our Index Grid allows you to link individual images to otherwise hidden portfolios. Check out Jam Imaging to see how this works.

Custom Form Builder

Quickly create a custom form with as many fields as you need to capture important information from prospective clients.

Lightweight Proofing

Galleries can optionally display the original image filenames, so you can easily reference the exact images your client wants. Say goodbye to exporting galleries from Lightroom and uploading to another host.

Central Image Library

Access all of your images in one central library. This makes it easy to move images across portfolios without having to upload them again as in other systems. Quickly sort images based on Upload date, File Name, or Image Title.

SEO Editing Tools

Edit your website’s metadata (Site Title, Description, Keywords) as well as individual image metadata (Title, Captions, and Keywords).Visitors can then access this information as they view your Galleries. Additionally, Image Keyword data is used behind the scenes to boost your SEO content.

Individually edit the URLs for your Pages and Galleries to optimize for keywords contained in the links.

Custom SEO Sitemap Support

Upload a custom Sitemap XML file that you can submit to Google, Bing, and other search engines to help them crawl your website more easily (Lite and Pro plans only).

Hosting and Bandwidth

Cloud Hosting

clickbooq’s infrastructure is hosted entirely in the cloud. Geographically redundant server clusters, load balancers, and 24/7 monitoring ensure your website performs optimally...and stays that way. All clickbooq plans include unlimited hosting and bandwidth of your portfolio website.

Superfast Portfolios

Your images are served superfast using Amazon’s CloudFront CDN (Content Delivery Network). With servers located across the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America, visitors are automatically served images from the location closest to them, reducing latency and portfolio load times.

Billing and Account

Plan Changes and Upgrades

Change your plan anytime. Plan changes are instant, and any remaining time left on a subscription will automatically be calculated and applied to your account as a credit.

Account Information

Easily update your contact email address and your Toolbox access password.

Invoice and Billing Management

Update your credit card securely and review past invoices.

1-Click Cancellation

We’d hate to see you go! Upon cancellation, your subscription will not be renewed. Your website will remain accessible through your plan period end date. Cancel anytime.

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