• Gavin Bond
    Gavin Bond – Fashion Photographer
    “What makes clickbooq so unique is the fact that I can change my site design whenever I want. Today my look is modern and contemporary. Next month it may be hard and edgy.”
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  • Matthias Giezendanner – Wedding Photographer
    “My decision to work with clickbooq was made after carefully reviewing my other options, and ultimately finding that the features and customization I was looking for could be found nowhere else. The ease of use, coupled with speedy and helpful support, have allowed me to create a unique space that truly represents my brand and beautifully displays my work.”
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  • Jonathan Leijonhufvud – Architectural Photographer
    “Stellar management tools, unsurpassed flexibility and a wonderful support team, clickbooq allows me to present and manage my online portfolio seamlessly. The intuitive integration with search engines and iPhones as well as having CloudFront on board are also great features, my audience can access and view my images without delay.”
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  • Kim Kalyn – Wedding Photographer
    “Using clickbooq allows me to easily make any changes to my site at any time, even though I have minimal website experience. I appreciate that I don’t have to be a computer programmer in order to manage my own site – it is just ridiculously easy, and I love that!”
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  • Robert Gallagher – Editorial Photographer
    “After deciding to go with clickbooq, I was prepared to spend the best part of a weekend just getting familiar with the system. After less than half an hour I was already uploading and beginning to see my revamped site, and making adjustments are just a click away. Literally. A seamless transition.”
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  • Mark Ridout
    Mark Ridout – Wedding and Portrait Photographer
    “In a very competitive wedding photography market I needed a site that I could keep fresh, updated and supply potential clients with current images. My clients are worldwide and booking online. A website with backend control, an integrated shopping cart, boundless creativity options and excellent customer support were the reasons I landed on clickbooq. It’s a marriage made in heaven!”
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  • Antoinette Wysocki
    Antoinette Wysocki – Artist
    “clickbooq is the answer for every artist. The application is simple, the end result professional. Since I have been using clickbooq to show my paintings, I have been confident to send out my work to all in the business. The result has been shows, sales and amazing feedback.”
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  • Rogerio Mesquita – Fashion Photographer
    “clickbooq gets my latest work out in a matter of minutes with its incredibly easy-to-use tools, dispensing the time, effort and money that I used to spend when I used a web designer. Besides speed and simplicity, I can make my website look exactly the way I want – making my work stand out.”
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