Video Integration
Attract prospective clients by adding video to your website.

Pictures that move you.

All clickbooq websites support fully integrated videos within your portfolios. And superfast streaming technology lets you skip to anywhere in the video you want instantly. This is a beautiful, seamless Video integration, allowing you to mix-and-match videos alongside your still images.

Use videos on your clickbooq website to highlight live client testimonials, give a tour of your studio, or show a highlight reel with your favorite stills, video clips, and audio. Video allows you to instantly convey your style and personality in an engaging and entertaining format. Video is also a natural extension of your services – if you haven’t added video services to your photo packages, now is a great time to start with clickbooq.

Check out these sites using clickbooq’s video feature:

Antoinette Wysocki
Gavin Bond
Robert Gallagher
Rogerio Mesquita
Brian Winckler

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