Superior Design
A website that not only looks good, but also performs exceptionally.

Everything in its place.

A clean and intuitive navigation is the heart of any great website. That’s why we developed clickbooq around two, tried-and-true navigation schemes that are simple to use and understand. Choose between a left-hand navigation menu or an innovative drop-down menu across the top. Both schemes offer exactly the same features and image sizes, so your choice of orientation is simply a matter of personal preference. You can even switch between the two at any time.

And with a smart 3:2 image aspect ratio, our portfolios match the native output of your high-end SLR. This eliminates the need for excessive cropping, preserving your original vision.

Browsing your work is a snap, too. Just click directly on the image itself to move forwards or backwards through the portfolio. Clicking the right half of the image moves to the next image and the left moves back. You can even choose to display directional arrows that activate on mouse over.

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