Fullscreen Portfolios
Showcase your best work.

One size fits all.

Bring your portfolios to life with Presentation Mode™. Now, your visitors can view your best work on any size display – from the smallest netbooks to the largest desktop displays. What’s more, you can control your viewing directly from your keyboard: left and right arrow keys navigate through your portfolio images quickly and intuitively – a great way to show off your work to clients.

With a huge image resolution of 1800x1200px (3:2), your images will scale beautifully and look great, too. Choose to have your viewers enable fullscreen viewing on demand, or enable automatic fullscreen viewing for your clickbooq website and Presentation Mode will take over automatically once a portfolio is accessed.

Check out Andre Arthur’s fullscreen portfolio here.

Let your website do the talking.

clickbooq was created with professional photographers in mind. That’s why we designed the site around one focal point – your images. Beautiful, high-quality images that require little-to-no cropping – preserving your original vision and saving you production time. A simple, intuitive navigation allows visitors to flow effortlessly through your site. And as visitors view one image, your entire portfolio downloads seamlessly in the background, ready for the next click. Rather than a patchwork of slow loading or broken images, your portfolios are shown in the beautiful narrative you intended them to be.

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