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clickbooq gives you a website with staying power – not one you’ll have to scrap in a year. Your clickbooq website can continually evolve with your unique style and business niche. So whether you’re a photojournalist today and a commercial photographer tomorrow, your clickbooq website can adapt with you. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter templates and endless design fees – with clickbooq, you can revamp your site’s look and feel any time you want.

Choose any color combination for your site and background colors. Add a drop shadow or rounded corners. Even pick from our preloaded background patterns or add your own logo. If you’ve got bigger ideas, use our Custom Backdrop™ feature to create a truly unique site design that no other system could ever match.

You can even design multiple versions of your site, saving each one as a custom preset that you can recall, edit or publish anytime.

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