Additional Features
Shopping cart, music, slideshows and more.

Global CDN Network

clickbooq utilizes a global web services provider to distribute your website content with extreme low latency and high data transfer speeds to serve your images faster and more reliably than any other service. Your content is stored in huge caches within a network of 26 edge locations (data centers) strategically placed worldwide. When a request is made for your content, it is then distributed from the edge location that is geographically closest to your visitor. As a result, requests travel shorter distances to request objects, improving performance and loading times.

Get Social

Add your favorite social network links to your clickbooq website. This feature allows you to embed direct links to your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and LinkedIn.

Shopping Cart

All clickbooq websites include a free, integrated PayPal shopping cart. Perfect for selling one-off images and fine art prints, this simple cart lets you create products for sale and handle payment through PayPal’s secure interface. You can even sell non-image items such as DVDs, Photoshop actions, books and more through PayPal-enabled buttons in your Content Pages.

Set the Mood

Add your favorite .mp3 to play as background music to your website.

Automatic Image Resizing and Batch Uploads

If you don’t have time to resize your images manually, simply upload your high-res images into our system directly and it will automatically resize your images for you. You can even upload multiple images at once.

IPTC Meta Data Import

clickbooq quickly uploads single or multiple images from your computer, automatically creating thumbnail images and preserving IPTC data along the way. With IPTC metadata intact, there’s no need to re-type your image titles, captions, or keywords to be displayed in your portfolios.

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