Can I host a clickbooq site on my own servers?

At this time, clickbooq websites cannot be hosted outside of our own dedicated server environments. However, there is some flexibility in our setup that allows you to maintain your own hosting services for your blog, FTP, or email.

For more information about using your own hosting provider for services like Email, FTP, or a blog, please read Hosting with clickbooq.

I already own a custom domain name. Can I use it with clickbooq?

Yes, you can use any custom domain name you wish, either registered through our integrated domain registrar in our signup form or any other accredited domain registrar you choose.

Can I have a blog with my domain?

Yes. If you have your own hosting service, you can setup a blog on a subdomain of your website, such as Most website hosts offer simple, 1-click installations of popular blogging platforms such as Wordpress. If you don’t yet have hosting, you can sign up with one of our preferred hosting partners, all of which offer 1-click installers for Wordpress and other popular software platforms.

Another alternative is to simply use a blogging service that offers free hosting, such as,, or

How do I use my existing domain to be used with clickbooq?

Once you have signed up with clickbooq, your Welcome email will contain the necessary information to point your domain A-records to our server IP address (currently This process is straightforward, but if you need help, we can make the changes for you at no extra cost. Just submit a support ticket and supply us with your login credentials for your registrar or hosting service.

Domains registered through clickbooq will automatically be directed to our servers upon registration.

I already have an existing website hosted at the domain name that I want to use with clickbooq. How should I proceed?

If you already have an existing website, you have the option of building your new clickbooq website using a temporary account first. The option to work from a temporary account can be specified in our sign up form. Once your new site is ready to launch, just notify us and we can work with you to make the final switch from your old site to your new clickbooq website.

Can I change my domain name for use with clickbooq after I’ve signed up?

Yes. If you signed up after June 1st, 2011, there is no charge for this change. Users who signed up prior to June 1st, 2011 will incur a $49 post-setup charge due to differences in our hosting plan for legacy users of our platform. Simply submit a support ticket with your request.

How long does it take before my website can be visited?

Due to the time it takes for any website domain to begin responding to DNS record changes, your website may not be publicly viewable for up to 24-hours after you have gone Live with us. Oftentimes the changes are relatively quick and may take just a few hours. Unfortunately, this delay is inherent to all websites (not just clickbooq websites) and is not under our control.

However, as soon as you’ve signed up for clickbooq you can begin uploading your images and building your site by accessing our Toolbox application with the login credentials you provided during signup.

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