What are some of clickbooq’s key features of clickbooq?

· instant updates to your website and portfolios from anywhere
· storage for up to 2,000 images
· change your design anytime, by yourself at no extra cost
· enhanced mobile websites for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices with touch-enabled browsing
· unique, custom backgrounds with ourBackDrop™ feature
· beautiful, fast-loading images displayed in a standard 3:2 aspect ratio
· fullscreen viewing of your images with Presentation Mode™
· unlimited portfolios and unlimited, private web galleries with our Lightbox feature
· fully integrated video support with streaming technology
· IPTC data support built-in (no need to retype image titles and captions)
· homepage and portfolio slideshows, music, and your choice of image transition options
· unlimited Content Pages for your About, Client List, Contact, and other pages
· create an unlimited number of clickable Button Areas (hotlinks) to email addresses or other webpages
· and much, much more...

Are clickbooq websites compatible with the iPhone, iPad or other Mobile devices?

Yes, all clickbooq websites are optimized for display on your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Our websites will automatically detect browsing from a mobile device and serve a specially formatted website that is optimized for mobile viewing. Once you access a sub-portfolio with images, our mobile viewer will enable a fullscreen experience on your mobile device, complete with touch gestures such as swipes and even a Thumbnail grid for quick access to a specific image.

View any of our Featured User sites from your mobile device for a test drive.

What is a Custom BackDrop™?

A Custom BackDrop is an image that becomes the background for your website. By using the provided Photoshop templates in the Support Center, you can design and create your own custom background that incorporates your site’s navigation menu, the frame of your site, and your site images. With a little creativity, any design concept imaginable can become a part of your site’s unique BackDrop. Please visit our User’s Gallery for some examples of websites that use the BackDrop™ feature to create truly unique designs.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter template design forever!

How many portfolios are included?

All clickbooq plans include the ability to create an unlimited number of Portfolio Sections and Sub-portfolios (galleries). Each Sub-Portfolio can hold up to 72 images each, with a total image storage capacity of 2,000 in an online Image Archive. The Image Archive allows you to store previously uploaded images for use in your Portfolios or Lightboxes without having to re-upload them again.

Portfolio Sections are the containing folders for your Sub-Portfolios. You can use Portfolio Sections to create the main categories of your work. For example, you can create a Portfolio Section called “Fashion”, and within that Section, have Sub-Portfolios called “Men” and “Women”.

I see a lot of controls along the bottom of the sample sites. Can they be disabled?

Yes, you can selectively enable or disable all of the controls in the toolbar. You can also switch between icons or text for the toolbar controls.

Do I have to pay for additional design changes?

You can change your website design as often as you like, by yourself, with no additional fees. You can even create and save as many design layouts as you like, to be recalled as a preset later. You can literally change your design in seconds using our built-in tools, or you can truly customize your design with our BackDrop™ feature. You can also add or update links on your content pages anytime.

I’m not a designer. Will I be able to create my own site?

clickbooq was developed with non-designers in mind. Our built-in design tools allow anyone to create a professionally-designed website in a matter of minutes. And whether you choose to use the built-in tools, or decide to design your own Custom BackDrop, we’ll be here to help you along the way. Our Support Center is full of helpful design articles and templates to assist you create your unique vision.

Check out these videos to see how easy it is to create a professional portfolio website with clickbooq:

Video: Creating Your Website Design

Video: Organizing Your Images and Portfolios

Do clickbooq websites support video?

Yes, all clickbooq websites now support fully integrated videos within your portfolios. Now all clickbooq users can add multi-media to their website at no additional cost. This is a beautiful, seamless Video integration – not a popup! Unlike other services whose videos open in a new browser window, our videos are fully integrated with your clickbooq website. Videos can play within any of your portfolios and even on your homepage. Just like your still images, users can access videos with click-to-advance or clicking directly on image thumbnails. You can even mix-and-match videos alongside your images within the same portfolio.

Check out these sites for sample videos

Antoinette Wysocki
Gavin Bond
Robert Gallagher
Rogerio Mesquita
Brian Winckler

Note: Supported video formats currently include .flv and .f4v in order to support video streaming and playhead skip.

What is a Lightbox?

A Lightbox is a private Web gallery that is sent by email in the form of a link. It exists in two forms: within your public website for your visitors to create Lightboxes by themselves, and the other is created by you in the Toolbox application.

If enabled, visitors to your website can share images from your portfolios to others by adding them to the Lightbox and then sending a message to a friend using the built-in Lightbox message form. Once the message is received, the recipient will click on a link that takes them back to your own branded website which displays the selected images in their own private gallery. The links are randomly generated and are not guessable. It’s the easiest way to share images with others and not have to worry about creating user names or remembering passwords, or even exporting galleries from Photoshop.

Lightboxes created in the Toolbox application work the same way, except you have access to any of the 2,000 images stored in your account. There is also no limit to the number of Lightboxes you can create or the number of images within them. For anything you normally used a separate gallery for in the past, the Lightbox feature will do it faster and easier – no separate software needed.

See for yourself! Several of our users have this feature enabled. Simply add images to the Lightbox while viewing a portfolio, then send the Lightbox to yourself to receive the private link.

How many photos can I store on my account?

With clickbooq’s standard hosting plan, you can store up to 2,000 images or videos (or any combination thereof) in your online image library.

Does clickbooq provide FTP?

clickbooq does not provide FTP services in its plans, however you can obtain FTP services through a 3rd party hosting provider or through free services like DropBox.

To learn more about clickbooq hosting and our included services, click here.

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